Wood-burning stove «Heat» without sideshift

Stoves «Heat» combine all the latest advances in the bath art of Ukrainian, Russian and European production. "Versia-Lux" LTD uses modern technology in manufacturing of the stoves, so you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality product.

A large amount of stone heaters allows the use of up to 60 kg of stones (with an average thermal power), it offers a large number of steam, using stoves «Heat» in Russian bath and at maximum keep warmth in Finnish sauna.

In these stoves there are special channels that direct hot air through the stove, which speeds up the heating of stones and increases the efficiency of the stove.

Contrary to the popular belief, the hottest place of the burner is not in its upper part but at the rear, where the heat from the coals is accumulated. That is why all furnaces “Heat” have the optional rear nozzle plate that protects the back wall from overheating, directing the flow of hot air and smoke upwards.

Specifications stove «Heat» without sideshift
Heat 15Heat 20
The space that is heated, m38 - 1612 - 24
Volume of burner, dm33958
Weight, kg4361
The length of the stove (without sideshift) mmA500500
The width of the stove (without sideshift) mmB480530
The height of the stove, mmC630775
The diameter of the output pipe, mmd110110