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According the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard the questionnaire of "VERSIA-LUX" LTD product buyers has been conducted (a survey was conducted among 1,000 customers)

"Versia-Lux" ltd is one of the first plants in Ukraine that has successfully passed the ISO9001: 2015 recertification this year. We are glad to represent you the results of questionnaire:

1. Warranty is 99,9%

During 15 years of successful operation, the company has not recorded any cases of warranty return of products. "Versia-Lux" LTD guarantees -DURABILITY of products.

2. Quality is 99.9%

The quality of "Versia-Lux" products complies with all norms of the following documents:
ТУ, СЕ, ISO9001: 2015, the certificate of conformity of chimney systems air-gaz.
All products are certified. Each element is marked with a special label. Beware of fakes.

3. Terms of 99.9%

The deadline to execute the order of any kind of complexity is minimal - up to 3 working days.
Now there is a dealer system throughout Ukraine, that implies the availability of ready-made goods warehouse in each region of Ukraine.

Confidence in work gives 15 years of experience in production of stainless and galvanized steel chimney systems.

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